Hat mania

Ciao ragazzi come va? vi ho raccontato e mostrato della mia passione per i cappelli ( anche via Instagram @mariezamboli) Li adoro, ne compro spesso. D’inverno mi vedo sempre uguale. Riesco a differenziare e stravolgere il mio look grazie ai cappelli. E, a voi, piacciono?
Holla lovelies I showed you many times I love hats. (Also via Instagram @ mariezamboli) I usually like getting lots of new models. Have you ever felt like you always look the same during winter? I DO. Hats help me to style my outfit and look different ( also jewellery).
And what about you? Do you guys like wearing hats?
Zara hat, shirt, heels,bag / Calzedonia leggings/ H&M necklace /