How to remove unwanted hair – Which Methods Really Work

Comparing Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Removing unwanted hair from your body is something you might think is simple. All you have to do is shave it away, right? Well, that is true, but think of the hours you spend at home shaving it off. They add up, especially since the hair keeps coming back quickly. So, is shaving really worth it, or is a method like laser hair removal better? To find out you have to compare each method.

Removing Hair With Low or No Discomfort
If comfort is your main concern then depilatory (hair removal) creams or shaving with razors are certainly the best options. Both cause almost no discomfort, unless you accidentally nick your skin with the razor that is. However, comfort level is not the only thing to consider. You also need to think about efficiency. Creams can take a very long time to work, and often only do so with limited success. You also have to remember to use them consistently. Razors offer faster results, but they only remove surface hair, allowing fast regrowth.

Removing Body Hair with the Most Efficiency
Removing body hair with the most efficiency takes a method that can truly get to the root of the problem. Laser hair removal equipment in clinics is designed for efficiency. Lasers can not only target every hair, eliminating the chance of stray hairs being missed, but also target the entire shaft and root of each hair. By weakening each full strand, the treatments will cause those strands to fall out entirely. No hair will be left under the top layer of skin to quickly regrow. That is why hair regrowth after laser treatment can take several weeks.

Removing Specific Hairs on a Long-Term Basis
One thing laser treatment cannot do is remove hair permanently on a consistent basis. Some hairs may never regrow, but most will eventually. Electrolysis treatment is therefore often better if you want to get rid of one or two pesky hairs. By treating the same specific hair strand or strands several times it can often remove them permanently. However, electrolysis can be painful and has limitations. For instance, it cannot be used to remove large patches of hair.

Removing Large Patches of Hair Quickly without Going to a Clinic
If you are interested in the at-home treatment that can remove the most hair in a large area quickly, sugaring or waxing is probably a good choice. However, both can be painful and do not remove hairs permanently. Also, you may need a second person present to help you if the hairs are located in an area that is difficult to reach, such as on your back. Waxing results last for anywhere from two weeks to two months. Sugaring results typically last for a minimum of six weeks, but can last longer.

Treating Stray Hairs Quickly at Home
Eventually, some regrowth may occur after most of the above treatments. When it does, you may need a convenient way to remove a few hairs at a time. An epilator device is a tool you can buy for home use to do just that. Epilators work in a similar way to tweezers, pulling hairs out by using rotating discs. But they do not always remove portions of hair under the skin.

Making a Final Hair Removal Choice
There is really no such thing as making a final hair removal choice. You can easily switch from one option to another, as needed. In fact, you may find it beneficial to use two or more methods in a short period of time to improve or maintain your hair removal results.