My Sheen Casio watch

My sheen casio watch

My Sheen Casio

The CASIO Time Ring Watch

Journal- Sharing my life.

Hey guys!  As you can see I am currently loving elegant but still casual  outfits. When working at the laptop, for a hang out with my friends and why not? For a romantic dinner with my fiancé. 

Behind this feminine concept I find details are the crucial part.  Don’t you think? My Sheen Casio in peach gold color and diamond cut ring design, is the perfect match for this style.  Elegant, smart and shining in its new Time Ring watch series.

My sheen Casio WatchIn addition to normal current local time this model uses its diamond cut ring design in different colors, to represents the dual dial world time and show the time in a second city.

casio bluetooth smart watch

So when travelling and arriving at your destination it is possible to change your home time to your currently city time. Basically the watch come with a Mobile Link Function that uses Bluetooth tech: after downloading the free Casio watch+ app we can connect to our smartphone and configure watch setting. We will find a map on the smartphone it is possible to selected a geographic area, tap the current city to the watch and keep the track of time simultaneously in 2 different locations.  

casio sheen bluetooth smart watch

casio bluetooth smart watch

Isn’t it perfect? I love using it also as a phone finder since sometimes I am such a mess guys and I accidentally lost my phone. Yep exactly, all I need to do is press the button and a ring will sound on my phone – yey!Marie Zamboli  

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